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Swimming Pool  - Installation

From the first dig to the first swim.



We decided to install a swimming pool in the grounds of our home in France.  

We wanted to take full advantage of the beautiful summers for which the region was famous.


We approached the Mairie to seen if we needed planning permission and were told that if the pool was not a permenant structure we would not need planning permission.  We were informed that there were very strict safety proceedures to follow and that the pool would have to be fully enclosed by a fence with a secure, locking gate.  As long as we ensured there was a safe way to evacuate the water we could start the pool installation whenever we wanted.  We just needed to provide the Mairie with a diagram of the pool, its location and the materials we would be using.


We built the pool on a slope so that it was partially sunk into the ground.  The wooden deck surrounding the pool was at ground level one side and on ten foot high supports the other side.  This enabled a lovely view over the countryside.