Live in Central France

Moving to France

A new beginning for Rhae & Keith Elliott

Life in France

Settling into life in Central France

During our first few weeks living in Central France we visited the Marie to get information on obtaining a Carte de Séjour, permission to live and work in France.  We searched out the prefecture in Gueret to register for health cover and get a Carte Vital. We arranged for vehicle and house insurance and made enquiries to get the telephone and internet connected.  We located the local shopping centres and DIY stores to get necessary provisions and gradually settled into new home in France.


We bought the property with the intention of living in the farmhouse and renovating the cottage.  Our plan was to let the cottage to holiday makers to generate an income to supplement Keith’s pension.  


The book tells of the hard work we undertook and the deadlines we set ourselves to get the cottage ready for visitors at the end of May.  We also installed a swimming pool, digging out the hole by hand and installing the pool ourselves.  The pool was an added attraction for people who were looking to rent a holiday cottage in central France during the summer.  


We decided to market the holiday cottage via the internet.  I worked with a web designer to get an internet site for the gite (French holiday home) and in no time at all the booking enquiries for the gite were coming in via e-mail.  Even though we were working very hard we made time to meet up with other like minded people and to visit the local eateries to discover the typical Limousine delicacies.  



Rustic fayre from the Limousin

The Limousin is known for its rustic, simple food such as its hearty soups made with anything to hand and served with a crust of bread. It’s also known for its beef from the Limousin cow which is both low in fat and cholesterol! Good hams are also enjoyed and duck and goose from which pates and fois gras are made.


Limousin potato pate - Pate de pommes de terre Limousin

Traditionally this was made with leftover bread dough and was cooked in the bread oven, with a simple garnish on the potatoes of chopped garlic, flat-leaved parsley and fatty bacon.


Clafoutis - Black cherry flan -

A Limousin SpecialityThis popular Limousin dessert is made with unpitted black tangy cherries. You can use other fruits according to season, but it won’t strictly be a Clafoutis.


Cepes Farcis - Stuffed Ceps

A tasty Limousin entree!

Cep Mushrooms grow plentifully in the Limousin.


Red cabbage with sweet chestnuts - Chou rouge aux chataignes

Chop the cabbage into quarters, take out the stalk and the outer leaves and cut the rest into strips. Cook the onions and bacon, with the butter in a large pan.

Recipes for French Food

Shown below are a few typical Limousin dishes but for more recipies and information on the tasty Limousin food follow this link .